Outside the box 4 - מחוץ לקופסא

ARTiq 202.
Jaffa Old City, Tel aviv - Israel.
Curated by Noga Or-Yam
Project Manager: Dr. Yael Rozin.


Florentine Mid-ayenet - פלורנטין מד*יינת 

Solo Exhibition "You are on My Map" 2019 - Ensemble Can.
Tel Aviv City, Florentine - Israel.
Curated by Kfir Braunstein.
Pictures by Nahumi Hay.

Outside the box 2 - מחוץ לקופסא

ARTiq 2019.
Jaffa Old City, Tel aviv - Israel.
Curated by Liav Mizrahi & Dr. Yael Rozin.
Pictures by Din Roland Aharoni & Nahumi Hay.


June is Pride Month. This year, due to the COVID19 pandemic, national and international events were cut to the minimum or cancelled altogether. As we leave quarantine, art, too, is "coming out of the closet." This is the first outdoor exhibition in these new times, and we are happy to spearhead this much-needed cultural renewal.

ARTiq is proud to feature works by LGBTQ+ artists. Created in diverse media and techniques, these works reflect the unique voice of each artist, while offering a platform for a discourse centered on common aspects shared by the gay community.

Art provides a peek into the culture and society in which we live, examines our "place" within them, and marks new avenues of thought and new paths for action. Outside the box is yet another step toward creating a space for the members of the LGBTQ+ community within the Israeli art scene and the public sphere at large, making the invisible visible.

The Old Jaffa Development Company aims to create an inspiring cultural center that promotes unique art. The outdoor lightbox gallery is a natural, accessible place for the public to meet art. We are honored to display the works and worlds of LGBTQ+ artists.

White Elephant - OffTopic

Portfolio | Illustration Week Tel Aviv 2019 | Tel Aviv Municipality
Tel Aviv Central bus Station, - Israel. (Abandoned floor - Old Movie Theater)
Curated by OffTopic (Sivan Lazer, Dor Cohen, Idan sidi, Benjamin Tagger S.)
Pictures by Nahumi Hay.


As part of Illustration Week, we approached the White Elephant Group with the goal of collaborating on a first-of-its-kind exhibition.

As the subject of the exhibition we chose the terminology - white elephant - and allowed the artists to offer a personal interpretation of the subject.

"White Elephant" -  nickname for a valuable asset, which becomes a burden and a burden and yields no benefit -  for us so is the Tel Aviv Central bus station.

The exhibition provides a platform for promising young artists, thus allowing exposure For works done specifically for the event.