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You are on My Map

Already at the beginning of my journey in the architecture world, I discovered my love for maps.

I found in them the beautiful balance between a world flooded with details and technical data on one hand, and the freedom and graphic simplicity in different colors and lines on the other. Each place has more than one map and each map is different from the other.

I find such greater interest and challenge in maps than in white canvas, the lines and the colors guide me to find new and different shapes and personal interpretation. Maps have nostalgic and meaningful weight for me. Sometimes they remind me of my birthplace in Venezuela, trips I have been on or places I have not yet experienced and would like to visit one day.

In my opinion, the combination between nudity and the earth is a natural and called for. The meeting between the two creates a surprising, playful and sometimes even funny. The creation process begins with a photo shoot of a model that form the basis of the manual sketching. Then the search and integration to the appropriate map is being done.

The project goes through different levels of intimacy, within myself, between the model and himself and between the two of us.

The exposure, which is considered "taboo" and is done behind closed doors in the studio, takes the model and me on a journey, from a place that is private and intimate to one that is open and exposed to all.

While we were educated and were used to being ashamed of our own skin, it is precisely when nudity becomes a center of interest that hiding it becomes the source of shame. Social norms are being reversed through the power of the camera – the encounter forces us to deal with our naked bodies.

In my work, I seek to allow ourselves to remove the clothes, the masks and the shame that accompany us daily. Nudity, erotica and sexuality accompany the various encounters and myself, allowing me to develop, listen and expose myself as well.

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